Billy Elliot – McCoy-Rigby Entertainment – Los Angeles (Jan 2015 – Feb 2015)


“….going over the top as brother Tony, it suits the character’s outrage; Jake Kitchin risks the opposite as Billy’s cross-dressing pal Michael, understated almost to a fault;….touching standout moments…Billy and Michael’s showstopping “Expressing Yourself,”” – LA Times Critic’s Choice (Jan 22, 2015)


“Jake Kitchin, exuded a vibrancy of humor and skill as he pranced around the stage to shouts of laughter and praises as he portrayed Michael” – LA Splash (Jan 18, 2015)


“Also fun, as Billy’s friend and fellow social oddity Michael, Jake Kitchin makes the slightly geeky gently engaging. He and Tobin also share one of the show’s silly-coolest moments in “Expressing Yourself.”” – Los Angeles Daily News (Jan 20, 2015)


“Billy’s pal, the cross-dressing lad Michael, is engagingly, sympathetically portrayed with proletarian panache by Jake Kitchin, who seeks to fulfill his own unique form of self expression and identity.” – People’s World (Jan 23, 2015)


“Jake Kitchin, as Billy’s best friend Michael, is a fearless young actor who deftly handles both outrageous comedy (not to mention outrageous costumes) and the simple humanity of the character.” – The Los Angeles Post (Jan 23, 2015)


“….a standout performance by Jake Kitchin” – Arts Beat LA (Jan 26, 2015)


“…Jake Kitchin in a free-spirited comical performance” – Broadway World – Los Angeles (Jan 19, 2015)


“Along the way, Billy makes friends with Michael (Jake Kitchin), a boy who likes nothing better than to try on his mum’s clothes, and who informs Billy in song and dance that there’s nothing wrong with “Expressing Yourself,” as celebratory a declaration of individuality as they come, and one which has Billy and Michael cavorting to Solimando’s as always exciting choreography, like Kite’s direction no carbon copy of the Broadway original but a fresh new vision by two of our finest SoCal talents. (Whereas Broadway had a tap-dancing Billy and Michael backed a bevy of inanimate dresses-come-to-life, Solimando turns “Expressing Yourself” into a Busby Berkeley-style top-hat-and-tails show-stopper.)….As for Kitchin, whom this reviewer caught two years ago in the Second National tour, the New York-based teen could not be more endearing in his thoroughly original take on Billy’s quirky bestie Michael.” – Stage Scene LA (Jan 17, 2015)


Billy Elliot 2nd National Broadway Tour (Aug 2012 – Aug 2013)


“Keep your eye out for show stealing Michael (at this performance — Jake Kitchin) who has more than just a flare for the dramatic. With a spastic enthusiasm over just being himself, Kitchin steals the show in “Express Yourself” singing, dancing, and rocking that dress like a true Broadway Diva. The kid has spunk and gumption and is a real crowd pleaser. Kitchin has tender moments shared with the title character as well, but is never more than a breath away from the extroverted ball of fiery energy, just one step away from bursting into song and dance at any moment.” – DC Metro Theater Arts (Dec 19, 2012)


“And for every moment of dreariness and brooding is one of blazing color and excitement, as when the unabashedly fabulous Michael (played by Jake Kitchin in this performance) belts his heart out about the joys of wearing women’s clothes in “Expressing Yourself.” Kitchin is effortlessly energetic, his every moment onstage full of character.” – EU Jacksonville (Mar 2, 2013)

“The cast is terrific. Four actors rotate as Billy. The Billy I saw, Ben Cook, was superb. He could act, he could sing and he could really dance. Rich Hebert as Dad Elliot and Janet Dickinson as Mrs. Wilkinson were both excellent. And little Jake Kitchin, as Billy’s cross-dressing pal Michael, almost stole the show.” – The Florida Times-Union (Feb 27, 2013)

“The rest of the cast was equally impressive, producing nothing short of a great show. The dance numbers were grand and often funny. Michael, played by Jake Kitchin, steals the scene in the dance number with his mother’s dresses, which is reminiscent of the glamour and bling of a Vegas show. To cut to the point here, you do not want to miss this show. ” – BUZZ Entertainment (Feb 27,2013)

“Jake Kitchin…is an endearing Michael, Billy’s cross-dressing best friend.” – (Feb 13, 2013)

“Also noteworthy were understudy Susan Haefner as Billy’s senile and bawdy grandmother and Jake Kitchin as Billy’s cross dressing friend Michael. Kitchin showed excellent comedic timing and energy” – Richmond (Feb 2, 2013)

“Billy’s best friend is Michael, played by Jake Kitchin  in Friday’s show. In Michael’s big number, “Expressing Yourself” danced in front of a massive sparkly tinsel curtain, Michael shows Billy that it’s okay to do what makes you happy and in Michael’s case it’s wearing pretty dresses. Michael’s confidence in knowing exactly who he is, gives Billy the strength to pursue his ballet. Kitchin and Minard are wonderful together as the best friends and Billy’s unconditional acceptance of Michael is very endearing.” – (Feb 2, 2013)

“Also in the touring production, two boys share the role of Michael, Billy’s best friend, who just happens to enjoy dressing up in girls’ dresses. Tuesday night’s performance featured Jake Kitchin, who handled the part with aplomb, drawing big laughs from the audience with his boisterous, over-the-top reactions to wearing a tutu. The character of Michael is very much comfortable in his own skin and tries to convince Billy to “express himself” and not worry about what others think.” – (Jan 24, 2013)

“On Tuesday night, Billy’s best friend, Michael, was played by Jake Kitchin, one of two young actors alternating in the role. The kid is a good dancer and knows how to get laughs. Michael likes to dress up in women’s clothes but does so with the charming innocence of a boy too young to understand his sexuality or where it may take him. It’s all played for laughs, and Kitchin won over the crowd Tuesday with an expressive performance.” – Kansas City Star (Jan 23, 2013)

“Special kudos go to Noah Parets in the title role (one of the four young performers who portray Billy in the touring company) and Jake Kitchin who is a scene stealer as Michael, Billy’s best friend and aspiring cross dresser.” – The West End Times (Jan 11, 2013)

“I especially enjoyed Jake Kitchin (Michael) and Noah Paret’s (Billy) performances – especially the scene where both have a blast cross-dressing” – The Charlebois Post (Jan 10, 2013)

“Within the ranks of the children, Jake Kitchin, as Billy’s cross-dressing friend Michael is a scene-stealer, excelling in the Expressing Yourself number.” – The Montreal Gazette (Jan 9, 2013)

“Ben Cook…shines as a tapper early on with his cross-dressing pal Michael (Jake Kitchin, very funny in “Express Yourself”).” – (Nov 28, 2012)

“…in this performance Dad, also known as Jack Elliot played by Rich Hebert, and “Michael” (Jake Kitchin) were outstanding and made the performance.” – The Banner (Nov 15, 2012)

“Jake Kitchen, as Billy’s best friend, Michael, was endearing in “Expressing Yourself,” during which he raids his mother’s closet and convinces Billy to let go of his inhibitions and join in as the two dance while dressed in women’s clothes. It was a situation ripe for a splashy, over-the-top production number that involved Michael and Billy dancing and cavorting in front of a glitzy curtain along with giant torsos wearing dresses.” – Examiner (Nov 14, 2012)

“Another strong young man, Jake Kitchin, easily stood out as a star as Michael, Billy’s quirky friend who encourages him to express himself.” – Lavender Magazine (Oct 11, 2012)

“… Jake Kitchin (also alternating in his role) stole scenes as the best friend who encourages Billy’s blooming audacity.”  – Pioneer Press (Oct 10, 2012)

“All the players nailed their moments, including Patti Perkins as the dotty grandmother, Kitchin as the free and fearless friend and Patrick Wetzel as surprisingly agile dance-studio help Mr. Braithwaite” – The Star Tribune (Oct 10, 2012)


The Secret Garden

“9-year-old Jake Kitchin nailed the part of Colin, Mary’s sickly cousin whom she finds convalescing deep in the mansion. His comic timing was perfection, and he didn’t even lose his cool in the face of a potential wheelchair accident.” – New England Entertainment Digest (May 24, 2012)


Billy Elliot

“I would like to heap praise upon Jake Kitchen. I have seen him four times in as many months and have to say that he has really grown into the role, and has created an entire sideshow of funny moments that not only enhance his part but makes it his own.” kport, BillyElliotTheForum (Mar 3, 2013)

“Jake Kitchin successfully delivered an over-the-top performance as Billy’s best friend, Michael” – Jake’s Take (Jan 23, 2013)

“I saw Jake Kitchen as Michael. He played the part much more subdued than I have ever seen a Michael play the part. I felt like it worked brilliantly. As much I enjoyed every Michael I have seen, Jake seemed to be the most real in the character.” – Mactor17, BillyElliotTheForum (Dec 27, 2012)